Saturday, March 30, 2013

COMFU - they kick a**!

I know I am criticized for not giving praise often enough, but sadly it seems it is a tall order to ask professionals to act professionally, which brings us to today's discovery: Comfu.... Are you comfu-sed? Well fear not - our intrepid heroes have come up with what must be the best killer name I have seen for a while!
Had I had that in my class I'd be over the moon - everything about this brand identity works. The name of course - yes, I know I will get feedback of "duh!" but you know the beauty is that it is such an approachable name and yet no one came up with it before. In addition, the whole imagery which is a mix of "Karate Kid" (way before their time) and "Ninja turtles" (which probably they grew to considering their ages!) works perfectly. The story of FU on the website is not to be missed! And the selling line "ultimate warriors of the web" only adds to a perfectly coherent positioning... I have met the guys (or some of them) and whereas there was no Karate chops or anything, I still thought they kick a**!
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