Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beirut/NTSC and the social media awards

So Beirut/NTSC is up for the social media awards as a finalist in the business blogs category (hmmmm, OK, still trying to figure it out myself!), but I am in very good company! Check the full list here.... Of course it does worry me when four of the six people nominated for the best blog for the LEBANESE social media awards do not even live in Lebanon.... So maybe every immigrant "min asl Lebnane" (of Lebanese origin - hello Carlos Slim!) should be up for the award as well and damn those of us toiling on daily basis with internet connection fiascos!... Ah, the good thing that the finalists are invited for a round of drinks on Sat.... And this includes, in other catergories, Haifa, Elissa and Nancy... I don't think they'll show up though - even if the drinks are free...
And the above is an ad for my creative and strategic services which ran for two weeks in a Al Waseet free newspaper... So if I win, I am an a**hole, if I don't I already have my hemorrhoids (yeah, got it in 2006!).. 
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