Monday, February 11, 2013

Top ELEVEN Lebanese blogs: Drive by shooting in Beirut!

Photo credit: Joseph Alam

I woke up today to fanfare - it seems I have made the Communicate magazine top ten bloggers once more. Which is very nice (even if, being featured without any specific order, having been placed at number 10 is a bit iffy!).. .Still - I don't think the run down was complete. One blog was missing. Beirut Drive By Shooting has not been mentioned - hmmm, could it be it has been shot in a drive by shooting?
Before you say anything, YES, I am aware the blog has not been updated for some time (interestingly, some of the blogs in the top 10 are not very active as of late too), but - since Drive By was a contributor to Communicate having a full page to display materials and comments, wouldn't it have been common courtesy to include the blog with a wink to its author after the departure from the magazine and from frequent blogging due to personal reasons (I am in touch with the author of the blog, so I know what I am saying).
So today in order not to break the "rule of ten", Beirut/NTSC (and in no specific order) is ready to concede its place in the Communicate Book of Tens to someone more worthy - Beirut Drive By Shooting.

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