Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Michael Wright and Spinney's: It's a Lemon!

Image credit: Charbel Nahas Website (the above has been reposted by Charbel Nahas after major pressure on activist Abir Ghattas to take it off her own website)

This passage is taken from Al Bawaba: "Abraaj Capital, the principal investor in the supermarket retailer Spinneys, decided to let go of Michael Wright, who had served as the company’s CEO in Lebanon and the Middle East. Information indicates that the months-long discussions amongst the board of directors determined that keeping Wright as CEO was harming the company’s interests and reputation.
Sources informed Al-Akhbar that the decision was intended to appear as though it were Wright’s personal choice to retire early. Regardless of outside appearances, the decision to sack Wright is a victory for Spinneys workers who refused to submit to his “hot-tempered” style."
Activist Abir Ghattas, was once more at the center of a pseudo-legal intimidation when she reposted the news that Wright "got resignated" (yes, just like Ghazi Kanaan, the ex-intelligence head of Syria in Lebanon who "got suicided"). After all, it is well known in the corporate world: Once you go over your shelf life (pardon the supermarket pun!) you got tossed like a squeezed lemon.
When the CEO of a supermarket chain mishandles a PR blunder the size that Spinney's got engulfed in, sooner or later, someone is going to pay. And usually it is someone from the top. What can we say? When life hands you lemons, make lemonade - or try to sell lemonade (again, another supermarket pun!).
Interesting, when WV was launching the Beetle in America, they emphasized its shortcomings and headlined with "it's a lemon". It seems the case for Mr. Wright!
As a parting word on this massive PR headache that Wright has caused the company he worked for (enticing some of his loyals among the Spinney's employees to include his own name on the ballots of the workers' union vote for example?) I can only quote the poet Jorge Luis Borges: "With time you figure out that the person who humiliates and despises a human being, sooner or later he/she will suffer the same humiliations or scorns multiplied by two. With time you figure out that to hurry or to force things to happen, will cause that at the end they were not as you expected."

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