Thursday, January 31, 2013

Takaya Todoroki vs Ralph Debbas

Images: W Motors via various websites

And so the wet dreams of every little boy who saw "Al ja2iza el kobra" as a child have been realized.
What do you mean you don't know what "Al ja2iza el kobra" is?

This is the series that made Takaya Todoroki a household name in the Middle East - he was like Grendizer, only he was human - And yes, for your info, Beirut/NTSC did a take on this as well as part of an art project about collective memory (and personal remembrances) - look closely and you will see NTSC written within the Japanese logo of the series.
OK so here's the story:
W Motors a Dubai-based start up is launching the Middle East's first supercar (do we even have a normal car to begin with?) called Lykan Hypersport  which is the brainchild of designer/entrepreneur Ralph Debbas. I am sparing you the technical details (the car looks like a cross over between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari), but hear this: "the headlights will feature diamond-encrusted LEDs, while the hood will be gold-plated – the perfect complement to the rest of the car’s lightweight construction."
Did you read well? Diamond-encrusted headlights and gold plated hood. That's some serious bling - and some very serious damage in case you do a collision! From the photo above, you will notice you even have choices in the color of the diamonds in question.
Now, the car comes at the bargain price of 3,4 Million USD but sadly the price does not include a matching diamond necklace for the lady sitting next to you.


Unknown said...

What can you expect from the ever over-the-top attitude of the arabs.
If I can remember the lyrics to a song of Khaled Al Haber (that's right, no?) - it goes something like "leich el 3arab, ba3d el nafet, saret 7adarethon zefet".
And this materialistic and look-at-me, no consistency, degrading way of life is exactly the "zefet" he was talking about. Pathetic!
However, I would accept any dare to purposely crash my KIA Picanto (not that I have one, lol) into this gold plated, diamond encrusted car... and make a run with a few stones picked up from the wreck.
Gives a new meaning to the phrase "hit and run". And a good, rewarding meaning at that. Hehe.

Tarek Chemaly said...

We share the loot, OK? :)