Monday, December 3, 2012

From A(baad) to Z(oughaib)

For a while now, I have been taking many photos of the ads displayed in town but with so many of them failing to be of interest, I did not exactly get enough to post them in "retail" so instead you got this "wholesale" which spreads over several weeks of shooting...
First there's Abaad, who is running a campaign to end violence against women and girls, and who best heard that religious leaders to invoke the message. So, Lebanon being the country of coexistence and whatever else propaganda we have swallowed for ages - so here they are each preaching the message either based on spirituality of a piece of the hadith (the talks of the Prophet Mohammed) or simple common sense.

Then there's Al Karram arak with easily one of the best lines in town "byencharab keso" (or "worth drinking to its health")... Yes, I am sold!
Byblos bank is playing on accents with their loyalty points which could make you travel to "landon" "paghi" or "barthelona"... If you "got the accent" or the money, or enough points... or the damn visa!

And now this is the campaign for the expat voting during the next elections... I think the line is a play on our our national anthem specifically the bit that goes "3ind sawt el watan" - when the country calls - whereas this campaign headlines "sawtouna lil watan" - our voice/ballot for the nation. Not sure to be honest.
Ah, and here's a dumb one!... LG has three smart reasons for buying its products - and one of them is inherent to the product, it's actually three giveaway cars from the Smart brand! Is the product good? Cost efficient? Environmentally friendly? I have no idea! I know that whatever LG is selling is not worth it unless there are smart cars! The line should have been "three additional smart reasons to choose LG".
"Real Estate cannot be lost or stolen nor can it be carried away" but it can be looted, destroyed, damaged, shelled, exploded, confiscated, occupied, etc... - we're in Lebanon after all and such things HAVE happened already... So Trillium investment, please wake up!
The white ribbon campaign to stop violence against women!... Sorry, but this is sooooooooo typically Lebanese, you have Abaad runnning their campaign in parallel to this! No one pools their resources for maximum efficiency! No one cooperates. Everyone wants to do it on their own. The line goes "is this where manhood is? Look for your humanity."
And this has been waiting to happen! Haifa Wehbe teams up with (insert name of whatever chichi upscale brand) - and it turns out that it's Zoughaib jewelry. The good news? The collection is called "shooting star" and shooting stars tend to go fast.... Never to be seen again! "Haifa in the sky with diamonds" for an upcoming hit?

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