Sunday, December 9, 2012

Buy Nothing Day - USEK students

So you never heard of "Buy Nothing Day"? Well, you should have! Living in a consumerist society like ours, it is a refreshing change to think about what we are buying, and refraining from doing so one day! Just one day. USEK students have been given the opportunity to think about this - and paradoxically - advertise it (as advertising students, advertising not to buy (which is the whole point of advertising) is an oxymoron). And here are some of the gems:
Amira Rahme thought about the words "CONsomme" (con means idiot in French!) and she has special offers for things we use once in life (a wedding dress and a coffin)... But hey, the second is for free... Wow! So grab the opportunity and die twice! 
Chrystel Tarabay played on the words "mfallas" and "msallaf" which mean respectively "bankrupt" and "in debt"... But heck, we keep buying, who cares?
For Georges Rahme, "since when have luxuries became essentials?" - in Arabic Mercedes means "sixth saint" (mar-sedes) so he changed into the common local joke "mar-sebe3" (the seventh saint), and as for the hottest selling perfume in the world it becomes "Caca Chanel"....
Lea Khalil got inspired from notes left by supermarket administrations to customers, except now it is the customers retaliating back!... "Note, do not let the offer offend your intelligence. Signed: The customer" or "Do not let the management manage you."
Marale Zeidan went all out against Apple, "Ipaid nothing today (I am keeping my money for my elderly years" and "I am keeping my money for my electricity bill" - which oddly in Lebanon comes way after the latest gadget (but how are you going to charge the said gadget without electricity?).... Do note the Apple logo transformed into a cane and a candle.
Serge Mikhael played on the brand names "French Connection" becomes "Fraud Connection", "Pull and Bear" becomes "Pull and Share" the iPad becomes "iBad" and "Ray Ban" is used literally to ban the buying.

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