Thursday, November 22, 2012

Independence. But from what and whom?

And so the day is here, it's a day as fictional as any other as we are celebrating independence when there is practically none!
First, Google jumped on the issue and make it its artwork of the day.... Hmmm, the Lebanese market must be so important for them.... All those ads featuring Lebanese girls....
Then, the ubiquitous Lebanese army ad. This time it's a word play on a Feyrouz song - Jeyebli Salam - which originally means "he's bringing me a hello" but also Salam means peace so the army is bringing us peace - notwithstanding the fact that they brought furor when they close the roads and cause massive traffic jams two days ago for the military parade training.
One of our mobile operators Alfa, is reminiscing over the days of barricades where the military has its own line called "military line" which was some sort of an express service when the great unwashed population has to wait in cars for long hours to pass the same blockades and passage points between regions. Line is also a hint on, duh, cell phone line whereby they gave the military people a special line with discounted prices. I am not too fond of remembering the days of the barricades however....

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