Friday, September 21, 2012

Pope case specific ads

The Pope's visit to Lebanon engendered about a billion ads with everyone trying to cash in by showing support. But rare are the ones who tried to incorporate it with their own brands in a meaningful way that would show "synergy" or at least correlation with inherent brand features. Here's three who managed to do that:
General Michel Aoun, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement used to begin his speeches with "ya cha3b louban al 3azim" (oh great people of Lebanon) and since the Holy See is called in Arabic "al habr al a3zab" (the greatest of Eminences), the ad reads "the great people welcomes the greatest of Eminences" and is naturally signed FPM. The visual's reference is lame, but at least the copy manages to save the day.
The other political entity which managed to dip the Pope's visit in its own sauce, was the Phalangists or Kataeb. Remembering that the Pope's function is to continue St. Peter's work and that Jesus called Peter "the rock" the ad reads "Lebanon welcomes the rock of the church." And what's the link with the Kataeb? Their founder was called "Pierre" (Peter) Gemayel and was known as "the rock." So that too is an inside innuendo for their own public.
Now here's a giveaway, the Universite du Saint-Esprit de Kaslik (the Holy Spirit university) headlines "with the joy of the Holy Spirit we await your coming." Although obvious, it is nonetheless brilliant.
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