Monday, September 10, 2012

"Moulinex el Hobb" by Beirut/NTSC featuring Carmen and Miled Issa

Moulinex el Hobb by Beirut/NTSC featuring Carmen and Miled Issa from Tarek Chemaly on Vimeo.

Welcome to the release of “Moulinex el Hobb”, a 14-minute long musical by Beirut/NTSC featuring Carmen and Miled Issa, throwing you back to the 80s with the most popular hits being incorporated in a monologue about a Lebanese macho man’s (mis)adventures with women. This comes as a sequel to popular monologue about advertising jingles by Beirut/NTSC (featuring Deborah Phares) called “masmou7 lasek el e3lanat” (which can be found here)
A non-exhaustive list of featured artists includes: Samir Hanna, Mohammad Jamal, Nadim Berbara, Sammy Clark, Amir el Saghir, Ronza, Raja Badr, Joseph Nassif, Melhem Barakat, Tony Hanna, Georgette Sayegh, Salem el Hajj, Azar Habib, Samira Toufic, Ragheb Alameh, Menhem Freiha, Maya Yazbek, Adib Abou Antoun, Adonis Akl, Bandaly Family, Re-Mi Bandali, Taroub, Mishka, Wahid Jalal, Hekmat Webeh, Mouna Merashli, Aida, Hiyam Younes, Fahd Akiki, Hadi Hazim, Sabah, Nazih el Moghrabi, Fouad Ghazi...

Art lovers will have spotted that "Hobb" or "love" in Arabic was written this way as a tribute to Robert Indiana.
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