Thursday, September 13, 2012

Balagh rakm wahad: Steal this ad...

Research credit: Beirut/NTSC research department
In a very recent post, I said that the above ad for the army may or may not have been "inspired by" the Pirelli ad. As a reply, a comment by Mr. Anonymous said: "People like you, who lack an understanding of what plagiarism means, are what make the industry a sad place to work."
True, I owe Mr. Anonymous an apology. The ad was not stolen..... From Pirelli, it was stolen from D-Fence a company that makes barbed wires.... Now Mr. Anonymous, tell me who is making this industry "a sad place" - you? And your stealing of other people's ads or me, who exposes your petty lies?
Whatever the answer, the ad IS stolen.
I must congratule "my research department" who spent a sleepless night to get this one straight, so on behalf of my readers I thank them - they are badly paid you know!
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