Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadan(dot)com Kareem!

 The Zakat (the 2.5% contribution) campaign this year of Sandouk al Zakat has a facebook flavor to it - naturally it took apps a lot of work and meetings with the facebook people to get them to use the "like" sign, but here in Lebanon we can do it freely. I must however say I truly love the campaign, because it make this "demod√©" gesture of religious tradition seem cool and up to date, with a nice casting of old and young which delfies the stereotype. Well done!

And Apple has nothing on Agialouna, if the Zakat tackled the campaign with facebook references, Agialouna dips it in the late Steve Jobs sauce - iOuzakki is the newest gizmo to hit town. Maybe the ads are not as cool as the branding but still - to make the act so close to a newer generation of donors they had to use a language close to them. Not bad either!
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