Sunday, August 26, 2012

Armstrong: Could this be a place of historical importance?

Original artwork: Braco Dimitrijevic and public images
Today's news is dominated by two Armstrongs - Neil and Lance. To a generation which grew on the Livestrong yellow arm bands - perhaps not even understanding their meaning and sporting them as a fashion statement - the first might not even have existed. More people have paid attention to the cycling champion being stripped of his Tour de France title than they did for the death from surgical complications of the first man to land on the moon. News have become entertainment and entertainment has become news.
Braco Dimitrijevic's artwork focuses on putting the plaques installed in vartious public locations, and even inscribed some of them with names of passers-by; in his own words: "Take, for instance, the already mentioned example of the marble plaque on Berlioz’s house on which the sentence ‘Berlioz lived here’ is written. The basic system is linguistic, but substituting the linguistic code for the message of its presentation gives us the statement ‘Genius lived here’. It means that the implied message of all places without a memorial plaque is ‘A genius never lived here’."
Neil Amstrong is not Lance Armstrong. But wait:
Breaking news: Kim Kardashian just....

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