Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A case of mistaken identities 2

 Alton Jeans
 Attie Freres (confiseurs)
 Bubblegummers shoes
 Falcon Crest
 Georgina Rizk (Miss Universe 1971)
 Hot Wheels
 Ma Ling luncheaon meat
Nestle chocolate 
 Phoenicia hotel
 Six million Dollar man
 Three's company
 Ya nassib (lottery)
 Crunch Galak
 Ford spare parts
 Kickers shoes
 Kodak cameras
 Milky way chocolate
 Renault 12
 Target corned beef
Tranxene pills

It took several months to go from 1 to 25 and ten days to go from 26 to 50... But the research on all things Lebanese which we appropriate goes on... Are these my memories? Are they yours? "Si c'est pour tout le monde donc c'est a personne" (if it's for everyone then it is for no one) goes the French saying....

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