Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Impact/BBDO and Wild Marketing: Honor among thieves borken?

Research credit: Fady Chahine

As I write this post, I am still abivalent about the above. It seems Impact/BBDO has been ripped of by Wild Marketing in Singapore. The BankMed ad dates back to 2009 and headlines "make your money work for you" whareas the newly launched ad for BTinvest site (in Singapore) titles "let money work for you" (both are frequently used expressions), but it is the visual that is sort of a copycat.
Then again, when you have such a headline (which is common) perhaps the creative interpretation visually is only too easy and therefore there has been no theft as it is.... After all "great minds things alike, and fools seldom differ".
And considering Impact/BBDO and its own score of ripping people off, I guess it is just a case of honor among thieves (whereby a thief does not steal a thief) which has been broken.
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