Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three thumbs down

Welcome to the mismatch of all mismatches - Haifa Wehbe and the Breast Friends cancer prevention! How they thought that Haifa might embody someone altruistic, down to earth, close to people, humanistic and a la Audrey Hepburn is beyond me.... I sometimes hesitate is this is worse or Fady Raidy doing Khoury Dairy!
And then there's this dangerous promise - meat even a baby can eat - apart from how silly it is advertising-wise it is also a national hazard! There should be minimum common sense to forbid such promises!
And as for Rouba? Well,t o be honest, seeing dress and the attitude, far from thinking about a children's entertainer, I thought she might be someone for bachelor parties - you know, the kind that pops out of a cake!
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