Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Abou Fouad to write a book for 7UPstairs Publishing

After long and laborious negotiations, 7UPstairs Publishing is proud to announce to its readers that legendary home-problems extraordinaire Abou Fouad (from the YES fame) has agreed to extrapolate his "3 bi 1" philosophy in a full book that will be issued as soon as the technical hurdles are out of the way. The book will center around the idea that one word can mean three different things, or that one word can be the basis of several expressions, or anything related to a combination of three things. We shall keep you posted as the possible release dates, so watch this space... and never forget, "yes, lal ghasil, lal jali w lal tondif!.....


Reem Al Assal said...

You are creating one of the best collections.
Can't get enough of your work Tarek :)


Tarek Chemaly said...

Considering my ex-student Reem el Assal did her graduating project on you, I am really flattered by this! Tarek