Thursday, January 5, 2012

Welcome to Eastham pool...

You are either too young, or too old, to remember the Benny Hill Show episode where he plays a detective whose boss tells him to go catch a thief in "Eastham pool" - mishearing his superior he goes to Istanbul instead. Well, this was sort of my feeling when I started seeing "Istanblue" (a gift shop right by the blue mosque), or saw the t-shirts of "Instanfull", tried to bargain for a leather jacket at "Ist&bul" and eventually took the tram all the way to Baghchilar to find a "Fistanbul" shop there... Honorary mentions go to "Stonebul" jewellry shop and "Husseynstabul" kilim store. So, where was I again? Oh... Eastham pool!
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