Thursday, January 26, 2012

The new crop....

The season for seeing dead people is back in style, the commemoration of Elie Houbeika's death is the beginning of it.... "We want the Christians to be heroes of unity not martyrs for plans of isolationism". Any arguments?
The Zinger KFC ad could have got unnoticed had it not been for the tagline "express yourself hotly" (or something close to it with "hot" doubling as intense emotions and spiciness).
Klim (that's the reverse of MILK!) is back to town claiming to have 50% more Calcium than.... Than what? It is written in small typo at the bottom of the ad but I doubt anyone stopped to read it (making such claims is perfectly legal under the current advertising law where you can use "generalities" to prove your point without naming your competitors).
Kurban tours are promising "all you need is love" - apparently the ride is by a yellow submarine.... Question: What position is that when your feet are like this? Kamasutra specialists please enlighten me!
Congratulations for MTV for having ranked number one in the census of "Zahrat al khalij" as the "comprehense Arab station" (whatever that means, and however credible Zahrat al khalij is!)...
Nissan Sunny are ditching the sex factor from the window - they are targeting consumers on reliability, trust and heritage (as opposed to what Toyota did to its camry moving from sense to sensibility)... You are owning "45 years of trust" but thankfully, it is this year's model!
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