Thursday, December 22, 2011

When you're only (randomly) number 1, you try harder!

You are not going to believe this... I barely did myself. Yesterday I was offline for the day and when I came back I discovered that the blogosphere cannot be left alone for a single day without causing a major upheaval. What happened? Apparently, I am the last to know that Beirut/NTSC has been elected as number 1 in Communicate magazine's list of top 10 blogs of the year.
And how did I know it? Because while checking my stats on the dashboard of blogger I saw many entries from Blog Baladi who posted the full list. As Kevin in the Wonder Years once said "some people have glory thrown on them while they're in the bathroom" (sadly, I do not have the exact quote but it is in season 2, episode 10). Or as Ines de la Ferssange once said when she was elected best dressed woman in Paris "si j'avais su, j'aurai fait un peu plus d'effort" (if I had known it, I'd have done a bit more effort!)... Seriously, I blush!
So, to misquote Avis and its very famous slogan "when you're only number 1, you try harder!"

PS: There seems to be a confusion here, it appears that the list in "random" according to a tweet by Liliane (which explains Gino's 10th position) - however if you look closely at the list it is neither alphabetical, nor according to number of readers, or fans on facebook (where I would rank zero), so I still chose to believe that it is "random with a bias of preference"....
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