Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Byblos municipality as the grinch who stole (the) Christmas (greetings)!

Thank you Hala!
It's official! Another copycat! Here it is, Byblos municpality steals the greetings from the Roger Oddone design studio. How corny indeed... But wait, apparently it is said so in the youtube description of the ad (well, at least that's the pretext BBDO used).... Good luck justifying this one.


Hala M* said...

Garde tel quel!!!! :) bisous!!!

Rana.B* said...

mais non on va pas faire comme eux...copier les news de quelqu'un sans donner la source au moins ;)

Anonymous said...

is BBDO behind this design? didn't they steal enough :S c'mon guys go home stop working as "creative" people. i've never been to BBDO and never met some1 that works there but from their work I can feel like they are a bunch of old people who are tired and too lazy to think. So they steal everything they see!