Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Son of Prominent Southern Lebanese politician denied Schengen visa!

A Beirut/NTSC exclusive.
Those of you struggling for your Schengen visa, have hope! In an unprecedented event where nepotism and corruption did not matter, the son of a prominent Southern Lebanese politician was denied a Shengen visa. Beirut/NTSC has learned from confidential sources from a European embassy that Cadmos son Agenor (king of Tyre) - photo enclosed on his Shengen application (and incompatible with embassy requirements) - was refused his visa because apparently his purpose to visit the continent was "to bring his sister back" something the embassy clerk found as unreasonable ground to give him an entry.
While Catherine Ashton remains silent about the topic, the Lebanese Ministry of foreign affairs is too busy getting Imam Musa Al-Sadr back from Lybia to make any comments for the moment.

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