Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am "total"ly hooked!

Whomever did this ad has my fullest regards. A boring brief - a petrol station celebrates 60 years of presence in a secondary market (Lebanon)... How dull can it be? Well, not even close! God, the ad is fresh, has a bit of nostalgia but not too much so! The 60 years logo is a masterpiece as it is drawn from the colors and shapes and the Total logo... And the line, of my God, the Arabic copy left me fuming from jealousy (why didn't I come up with it?) "Mahata fi tarikh Loubnan" the word mahata means "station" but also means "historical landmark" so it actually reads metaphorically "a landmark in Lebanon's history". Look, if you are the person I think you are please let me know, you deserve your name in bold letters here!
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