Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My father's balcony - Riyas Komu shines in Art Zuid

Art Zuid is a must see currently in Amsterdam. Anyone who is anyone in the art world is there - Rodin, Dali, etc.... But also some new established artists such as Sylvie Fleury or Subodh Gupta. The surprise of this European Union prize winner show (which was opened by the queen herself who took the whole walk apparently) was the inclusion of some newcomers who still are not the stars of the moment such as Riyas Komu. I specifically refer to him because of his moving "My father's balcony" a wooden structure/scuplture which dates to 2006 and which celebrates the multi-religious ethnicity in his hometown where people coexisted pacifically in a rural setting. Chilren and adults alike were climbling the stairs to get to the balcony, making the structure an even more lively space. But the work remains very moving and solemn piece altogether.
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