Monday, July 18, 2011

Honk for inspiration....

 Photo credit: Beirut Drive By Shooting
Research credit: Toom Extra

I am NOT saying the ad was stolen, I am just saying I just did a mental association between the Le Charcutier Aoun "trolleymania" ad about the caddie being a "truck" with all the kitsch paraphrenalia and the new Jammal Trust Bank ad (which I STILL love) - and if Darine is any reference - so does the rest of the blogging community.... But, I think, somewhere, somehow, the Aoun ad was a precursor to the other on a creative level.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you consider Cthe harcutier Aoun ad as a source of inspiration. It's the stupidest and most annoying ad in history.

Tarek Chemaly said...

I was not judging Le Charcutier Aoun's ad, I was saying: When an ad involving trucks get displayed 3 months before, it is bound to have a visual effect on the market. Just like Solet Tapis "Teta w sejedeta" (which is the stupidest and most annoying ad in history if you want to start giving awards) was inspirted by "teta w baneta" (a furn next to kharjiyye in Achrafieh). Any questions?