Friday, June 3, 2011

I haaate it!

Photo credit: Beirut drive by shooting.

OK, it is official - I hate any campaign that has Fadi Raidy in it. His characters, Fadia el Cherre2a, Pippo, Abou Raymond have grown stale and uninteresting, and his mere presence is enough to overshadow the idea or concept in the first place so that any ad he figures in becomes "that ad that Fadi Raidy is in" rather than the brand itself. This also applies to Teta Latifeh and to a lesser extent to Liliane Nemri. All these people became linked to too many brands and seen in too many ads and as the french say "si c'est pour tout le monde, c'est pour personne" (if it is for everyone, it is for no one in particular)....
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