Monday, May 9, 2011

Round up from the city...

Here's what you have been missing from the city... First we have Kellogg's already preparing women for the summer (note that Special K has ONE calorie MORE than the ordinary Kellogg's) and yet the bathing suit is smiling - for better or for worse.
Trident has done well getting rid of "the flavor you can't get rid of" to "longer than forever" (with one example being girlfriend getting ready). They've done well ditching the old one.
Golden Star supermarket is the umpteenth campaign to mimic some demonstration or social reform demand by saying "the people want... 100% virgin olive oil" - what people really want is some peace and quiet and someone not to remid them consistently of what they ought to be wanting.
The Great Wall car ad is a copycat - sadly I couldn't place the original. It is for Porsche Panamera that says "If you've just parked a compromise in your garage. We're sorry!" Almost exactly the line being offered. If anyone can find the original I'd highly appreciate posting a link.
And then I've kept this for the very end, the new Stradivarius campaign. It's not the model, or the layout or the clothes, but that wonderful line "there's always the sun"... If you do not know this seminal hit by The Stranglers then please check it out - few songs are this feel good!
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