Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day Karine Wehbe changed her mind

Karine Wehbe, with whom I have worked on several projects (not artistic, merely advertising) once told me a long time ago "I hate to work with conceptual." Luckily, she managed to change her mind. I remind you of her beautiful exploration of the world of seaside resorts a sample of which was exhibited at the Beirut Art Center in 2009's exporusre. A while back, she and Basile Ghosn have released a fanzine - something that only 80s kids could understand and relate to - that was the time when "Smash hits" and "Salut!" still existed.
Now they are launching the second volume... Above is the invite. As she goes more conceptual, I cannot wait for her newest projects.

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Wehbé said...

Thanks Tarek, I'm not sure this project is very conceptual but after all maybe in a way!!! Hope to see u there!!!