Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Breakfast in America in Beirut... Again!

Roger Hodgson will be rocking Beirut (with the help of the Beirut Music and Arts festival) on May 31st. For those of you who missed his 2005 Byblos concert, the experience is a must live.... Below is the comment I left on his website following the event:
"The Byblos concert was amazing... I had never dreamed that I will live to see the day when I would sing along live to "Lovers in the wind", "Breakfast in America", or "Logical song"... Thank you for bringing logic to an illogic world, to defying bombs while simply "giving a little bit"... Roger might never read those words, but it would have been inhuman from my part not send them.... Otherwise, I'd have been "a sinner for my authographs"... All kudos and praise from Beirut - Tarek Chemaly"
Of course it's a pity somone as grand as Roger Hodgson has to remind people on his advertising that he shares the writing credits behind the immortal songs... But trust me, singing "Breakfast in America" alongside him is... (no words have been created for that).
By the way, the famous words in the ouverture for the song as it was recorded in "Live in Paris" will not feature as it was not him but Supertramp saxophone player John Helliwell said them... For a reminder, they go:
"We went to a petit restaurant and had langostinos, deux types of spaghetti, une type of ravioli, beaucoup de vin and deux grande espressos. Sorry, but.... it was an italian restaurant, but it wasn't as good as..... Breakfast In America!"
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