Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A bit of an ego massage

Marie-Joe Rahme

Tina Melkoun

Jessica Haddad

Charbel Abou Jreish

Patricia Layoun
Carel Adem
Below are some parts of the final projects in the Technical English course I give at USEK. For Marie-Joe Rahme T.J.C (Initials in Arabic below Mr. Clean), I am there to "wash you, hang you, and make you like you" - for those who did not get the pun to wash someone is to "scold them" to hang them, well is to do just do that... But it seems Marie-Joe appreciated the treatment.
For Tina Melkoun, it's about thinking you were smart, until you get to my course. Which of course is flattering like hell! Jessica Haddad offered me a T-shirt with a summary of some of the sentences from the course (I was unshaven, I admit, but I'd like to think my shoes are more sensible than the ones potrayed there!)...
Charbel Abou Jreish comapres me to dark chocolate (not any brand - Lindt!) - which for him means "I wasn't sweet, but full of benefit" (PS: We did get to eat the chocolate at the end of the class - breaking thus my strict rules of no eating - no drinking - no cell phones).
Patricia Layound did sketches of me in "all of my moods" - I decided to include this one because it is the beginning of an anger tantrum.... And then, last but not least - Carel Adem sees me as an answer to google (not that the boys over there need to fear the competition). In the tarek.com search engine she typed the query "who is google?"...
It is fun to know that, despite all odds, it seems I am well remembered. And good to know that my draconian reputation is still intact.

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Rana.B* said...

I wish i didn't graduate from usek 5 years ago !