Monday, April 18, 2011

Palm Sunday - we didn't start the fire (no-so) Billy Joel

Yestarday was Palm Sunday, a day to commemorate Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, and a day for children to get new clothes and do the three turns around the church while holding their candles. Did I say candles? Oh dear, this year I was struck by how the Palm-Sunday-Candle-Industry has evolved from a small thing wrapped in an olive brand when I was a child to... this! The photos tell all I suppose: you had candles in the shape of flowers, others done in Burberry style, one of them - judging by the feathers - must have been commissionned to John Galliano (disgraced creative head of Dior), the Barbie doll is also part of a candle, the ladybug as well, there were easter eggs (hopefully of plastic), a cuckoo clock, and (one that I missed shooting) had mini-skateboards on it.... Just to think that after the triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, Jesus would be curcified this Friday (but... he resurrects!).
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