Thursday, April 28, 2011

On a billboard near you.

So this is what has been happening as of late:
Audi Bank has yet another card - this time it's the new born (hey, why wait to make people customers when you can nail them in the bud!) - and the line is a Lebanese proverb "the child comes with his own money with him" (el walad byeje w rez2to ma3o) which is the usual motto that poor and uneducated people use to proliferate like rabbits.
Another bank, this time it's Banque Libano-Francaise, promising you (like every other bank really) to take you to heaven (and hopefully back without a crash). Sami (who reminds me of Auxilia's now infamous "fadi ma sa2at") owns a hamburger join, next thing he's on the cover of Time magazine (only it is called "Cash up" in the tv ad - maybe a small hors d'oeuvre reminding Sami of how much he has to pay!)... And get this: London busses are not too busy with the Royal Wedding, but are rather putting up Sami's fanchise.
Electronics brand DeLonghi has this interesting ad about dehumidifiers - "Drink water but don't breathe it"...
And last but not least, finally a "Clementine" worth looking at: Balkis natural juice has introduced its "Afandi" (clementine) flavor....
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