Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a bit early, but... Al Massih Kam, hakkan kam....

The last supper has been spoofed so many times (with Simpsons' characters, Hollywood celebrities, pop culture icons, et je passe..), the one above is by British artist Damien Hearst... And now I copy what I wrote last year:
"And with this Beirut/NTSC goes for the very serious task of egg hunting, Good Friday ritual and other simple pleasures of life.

"Al Massih kam... Hakkan kam" (The messiah has risen - Indeed he has) The beauty of this is that it takes two people, two believers, to assert the truth about the resurrection. So instead of just saying "Happy Easter" as in English, in the Arabic version it takes two to corroborate the news of the miracle."

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M.I.I said...

7akkan kam