Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"No" means... Perhaps?

This year, the March 14th celebrations will take place on the 13th - conveniently, a Sunday - Moustapha from Beirut Spring, has a rule of thumb for knowing if there will be a turn out or not (his mother and her sisters are showing up, first time since 2005). So according to this, the turn out will be rather large (naturally, you can discount the Shiites, the Druze, the majority of the Maronites, the pro-Mikati/Safadi Sunnites). The ads for the occasion center around a message of refusal, of anything from "having your rights confiscated" (2ahr), to "use of arms" (istikwa2 bil sila7) and going through (the picture above) "assassination" (ightiyal). By ightiyal the reference naturally is to the assassination of Rafic Hariri but also to what Saad Hariri has dubbed his own political assassination... Just in case your are wondering, my own mother will remain at home (although she was there in 2005, and never since).
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