Monday, March 28, 2011

I shall not moderate my comments, I shall not moderate my comments, I shall not.....

Just today I got an email from Hala Moubarak who is behind "Je suis un cri" blog telling me she got this specific comment:

bteswe sermeye u and ur opinion! just fuck off and leave the man alone u all espece de cons! Cant beleive what kind of people u are! Kess ekhetkon ente w yalle metlikw metel tarek chmali, zbelet el 3alam!

It translates into: You are worth a shoe you and your opnion. Just fuck off and leave the man (in reference to Sami Saab) alone your idiots)! Cant beleive (two straight English mistakes back to back there) what kind of people u are! F*** your sister you and those who are like Tarek Chemaly (this is the correct spelling please take note!), the trash of the people!

So, is this how it's going to be played out?.... Under the belt and with dirty words?
Well, I love Hala's reply of not being intimidated. But what I can blame her is moderating her comments. We believe in free speech, some others do not. It is THEIR problem, not ours.
So this blog will remain unmoderated, it will continue to receive insulting comments, it will continue to denounce stolen ads, and NO do not hide behind your finger, there's nothing personal about it: I met Sami Saab at the entrance of ABC a couple of months ago, we chatted amicably and parted ways without any of us throwing a dagger to the back of the other.
People, just wake up. Some of us (this includes Hala Moubarak and myself) just won't shut up. Won't succumb to insults or anything of the like. Now GET OVER IT and act like decent human beings.
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