Thursday, December 23, 2010

You talking to me?

Photo credit: Ibrahim Nehmeh
Now here's a campaign with no target audience! Crepaway - now with Interesting Times agency - is talking to no one in specific. If they were talking to kids, it's a spoiler for something magical, if talking to adults, it's no brainer.... Maybe they are talking to that one kid who is 10 years-old, still perplexed about things, and refusing to let go of childhood fantasies... If you can spot that child, please offer him a free milkshake courtesy of the management of Crepaway.
PS: I know this will date me, but it reminds me of an old (and I mean OLD) Bata ad (I think it was done at the time by Rizk advertising and associates now TBWA\Rizk) its copy went (in french): "For those who still believe in Santa (image showing a child with a shoe), for those who don't (a young man), and for those who wish to believe once more (an elderly lady)"... Now THAT, is talking to everyone!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

What a horrible ad! What if they really ruined it for young children? Not cool. A milkshake wont make up for this!