Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jammal Trust Bank speaks your language

The following ad comes from Jammal Trust Bank specifically for their small loans... This one is destined to taxi drivers, the subheadline goes "the small loan opens roads for you", but it is the major headline that got met struck: Bawmaret ma3ak? On the surface the expression is said to anyone who is "stuck"... Naturally, the first implication is for a "stuck" driver, literally or metaphorically. But, bawmaret is said for "stuck cars"... Its origin comes from the French "point mort" (or putting the car on "neutral" or "park")- which, when it travelled to Lebanon became to uneducated drivers "bamor" (phonetically, it is quite close!) and "bamor" became a verb onto itself "bawmar". So when Jammal Trust Bank signs "we speak your language", they never thought that the language we speak is not ours in the first place!
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