Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warning hazard: Arak makes you steal ads.

Let us get this correctly: When Andre Rizk came up with "Arak Fakra: Mtallat, baladi, assil" he was not inventing gunpowder, but like a good copywriter, he was listening to what people say and giving it back to them creatively. "Mtallat" means tripple distilled, "baladi" means homemade, and "assil" means authentic. All of these already existed in the lexicon of Arak prior to Rizk. His genius was to get them lined up and organized.
Now switch to the Mouktar Arak whose ads read "baladi, mtallat, assil" so basically he flipped the words but kept them the same. Nevermind, it IS still blatant theft (even if Rizk did not invent the words, having this close association with them gives Fakra something of a "copyright" to them - at least when present together).

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