Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strange days (and not by The Doors)

It appears some strange things are happening in the market these days. First, we have animated chicken courtesy of "Tanmia" - it appeas they don't "come empty handed" because there is an offer that they come with vegetables. Next the Red Cross, in need of volunteers played the line "m3al2in fit" which means "they're stuck on you" (for the gear) but also doubles as "we are counting on you" to show how much this is some sort of a second skin for you. Now, I am not sure if anyone wants to be taken for a coat-hanger while doing such a noble job (what next, a doormat?)... And if strangeness did not end, Teenayel is launching a new "super natural" drink for the kids (during recess, it will give you energy to beat the crap out of that idiot who bothered you in class). Surprisingly, the one shown here with the kid in the Zorro mask works exceptionally well (the one with the girl who turns into a fairy is a bit off the mark though).

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