Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rami el Khoury proves me wrong (And I like it :) )...

Hello Tarek,
I saw you blogging about Panalol and linking it to something that was done in 2004... I just wanted to let you know that Panalol was an idea I participated in creating, and back in 2004, i was still at school and it's the first time i see the one about strepsils, maybe the one who did it forgot about it... and in the blog you said that we're promoting a TV and a political party using medecine, well the first thing i thought about while making this thing work is fun, it's not about Otv, it's about a show becoming a chill pill on a Sunday night in this fucked up country... everyone needs a Panalol :) no politics, just a laughing out loud program. oh and concerning aspirine, it was done too... (attached). Cheers!!!!
(Bold letters my addition - thanks Rami for proving me wrong...)

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