Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just because we are nationalists doesn't mean we're not racists....

Photo credit: Nabil Kaakoush
Well, the new campaign for the Ghandour "tarboush" (or fez) is out... It goes, "everyone has already wore it" or "everyone has tried it before" (Mere2 3a ras el kel). Ghandour launched a competition a few years ago that two students from Notre Dame de Jamhour won to rembrand what we called "ras el abed" (Negro head - yes, with all the racist implications particularly that abed also means slave). Well, the rebranding campaign did not work, as we still call it... Ras el abed. When I saw those cookies (chocolate cones with white cream inside) in a supermarket in Slovenia I shamefully told my hosts what we call them here and so at the cashier Ana said, "It's OK, I will pay for the "Indian heads" myself... That's how we call them here you know." I wonder what "tarboush" means in Slovenian.
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