Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tarek's manifesto in trieste

Photo credit: Elisa Vladilo
So here it is, the Manifesto of moi live in Trieste... This work actually asks the question of what we - as a species - are leaving behind us for generations to come or to simple archeologists (or rather archewallogists") that will follow us. It was made using the remnants of an advertising billboard upon which several "layers" (or "strata") of advertising was plastered. The result was reconstructed museum style to give you this. Now I wonder what the Italians are going to make of this Spinney's supermarket special offer, or that singer in whatever hotel for Eid el fitr, or the Lebanese peanuts... But this is the effect of transposed globalization: a great big nothingness. Sincere thanks once more to Farah Samman for the graphic reconstruction and the photo shoot.


Anonymous said...

قوي الطارق

Firas said...

Great graphic work Farah. it's really nice. Very nice idea indeed