Monday, April 19, 2010

A quick round up.....

First, Beirut/NTSC is amazed that Smart has finally replied to Mini and to IQ by saying "Enough small talk".... Well, better wake up late than never.... Is the reply strong enough? Nevermind how belated it is?
And then with the elections coming up, women are once more invited to take initiative and participate either as candidates or simply by voting.... The use of words described as feminine in the Arabic language (as the language has "masculine" and "feminine" words) such as widsom, trust, etc.... are used in the billboars to highlight that all these values are associated with women and therefore their participation is required. Althouh frankly, the whole mood of the land is so nonchalant about these elections, that not just women, but also men are not intersted in voting.
Kurban tours actually pulls off a cute one about the "honeymood".... Even if the list of anwers is predicatable, at least they managed to venture where other people still put corny stuff.
By now, everyone has heard of the match between various politicians belonging to different political fragments with each team holding components of both rivaling entities... The team lead by PM Saad Hariri won due to goals scored by MP Sami Gemayel... But the bllboard goes "we are all one team" - well if this IS the case, then why the petty fighting in real life!
Exotica, after a log absence from the creative bit finallly nailed a lovely one with its new "balconies" execution - a couple looking upwards from their car onto.... an Exotica balcony of course! (I am not going to talk about the other execution simply because Exotica seems to be back on track so no need to say 1 out 2 ain't bad!)...
And if the apple never falls too far from the tree, then the ad about the one bad apple can rot the whole lot must be coming from... a nearby tree I guess!
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