Thursday, April 15, 2010

Memory isn't what it used to be (2)

Remember the post: "Memory isn't what it used to be".... Well, I just found that the AUB archives have a poster of my first conference done in 1995... I was a thrid year student then (you do the math when it comes to my age!) "Ps:AUB:1995/83 “Lebanon Today … “Come Again?” A presentation accompanied by slides depicting various environmental and archeological issues in our country. Come & watch! by Tarek Chemaly and Karim El-Jisr. Monday , 13 November 1995, 17:00. AUB, FAFS, Room # 102”. 1 poster [with mounted leaflet]: photocopy, b&w : 22 x 30 cm." The scenography was signed by Natacha Kalfayan at the time.
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