Monday, April 26, 2010

Jounieh pro and con

The battle for the municipality of Jounieh is reaching a "heavenly" showdown... Whereas major political parties have rallied behind one list which is called "the consnsual developement list" which is promising the usual array of enviromentally friendly stuff and all, the exiting current list is going all force ahead with "everyone is against us, but the Virgin Mary is on our side". Yes, litteraly invoking a heavenly ally, the visual shows the cable cars that go up from Jounieh to the Sanctuary of our lady of Lebanon in Harissa. Many cars seen going down, colored in Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, etc... (to symobolize the colors of the parties of the Free Patriotic Movement, Lebanese Forces, Future Movement, and Hizbullah...) against one which is dark blue in reference to one of the Virgin Mary - which is seen going up (towards Harissa). Already there are screams about this one, but then when it comes to bold advertising, the sky - or rather heaven - is the limit!....

PS: At this stage I need to say that if the last elecitons proved anything, it was the there was no such thing as political advertising in Lebanon. Advertising is supposed to either create a need, or fulfill a desire or to change an opinion. Advertising related to politics does not do any of these missions, so the ads I am reviewing are simply seen from the esthetic/creative point of view. In this case, I think the ad invoking heavenly allies is actually quite bold. If it is annoying, so much the better, as it draws more attention to its message. Is it flawed? Yes, in certain aspects. But who hasn't seen it or spotted it? Of course, the end outcome will be determined by how these two lists approach people, bribe for votes, organise their leg campaign, what they do on voting day, if they assure busses to shuttle people or not, and all the other trivia that only Lebanese politics know how to do (and advertising doesn't!).

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