Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whirlwind around town

So starting with the beginning, "I love U Pamela" signed "Shahid - is this an outburst of love or another "Sarah will you marry me?" by Sleep Comfort?... I hope the former, besides the photo seems taken from facebook or something so not a professional take on things. Also "Shahid" means martyr and as the Song by late Egyptian crooner Abdul Halim goes "he who has died in the name of love has died a martyr"...
Then there is the ad associated with the birth of the prophet Mohammad, what I like about is how well it fits with its sponsor Bay Al Tamwil Al Arabi which is an Islamic bank... Sometimes, the association between things is so simple, no effort needs to be done to explain or justify it.
Well, the natural ecosystem in life is not as forgiving hence the Timberland ad "if you're not fast, you're food"... No matter how much you try to ignore this one, it just keeps popping in your face fiercely.
And the cherry on top of the cake? The Bank of Beirut cute ad with an allusion to the children's song "Tout tout a Beirut" (Honk honk till you get to Beirut) for the Taxi loan they are offering. Effective and low-key, sometimes this is just what good advertising is all about!
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