Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hijacking of radio stations courtesy of Alfa and Leo Burnett

"Smart critiques, stupid creates - be stupid" Diesel
I just heard that fake hijaking of Lebanese radio stations for Alfa mobile telephone company here in Lebanon as orchestrated by Leo Burnett. The animators were obviously part of the game, and the whole coaching and copywriting was excellent no doubt. The whole country is talking about the coup.
Now here's the part where I act "smart" (i.e. I critique!) - well, as that circus manager told a man who tried to part a river into two "It's been done before." And the person who did it is no one but myself, around 7 years ago for Bank of Beirut whereby the radio broke down in the middle of the radio ad and the TV turned off in the middle of the TV ad (But that was even before "viral marketing" was coined as a word so it doesn't count, does it?) to the point that my cousin - not knowing it was me who came up with the ad - contacted me to tell me about it and how great it was.
Still, if "stupid creates" as the Diesel ad goes, I was "stupid" way before my time it seems. Now I am "smart" enough to know I was. Which makes me "stupid" basically....
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