Monday, December 7, 2009

It is odd that this pre-Christmas period should witness such dullness in terms of advertising, yet, scaveging the market, Beirut/NTSC only managed to find only a few ads worth talking about - which doesn't necessarily mean they are good - just worth talking about it!
Top of the bill and head of the class is Spinney's the supermarket known as king of hard sell suddenly goes upmarket with this nice ad - all velvety and lettucy - about "Shopping in style." I am not sure what this means practically - maybe simply keeping their floors from sticking to the soles of your shoes (Not the other way around)... Still, the ad is interesting.
Then comes some adrenaline with the Aprilia riding school.... Could have come out a lot more sensual, but then these are motorcyles - not babes - we are talking about. And can you believe that this Hard Rock Cafe ad was the most interesting Christmas manifestation there is in town? Which goes to say that Jodie Foster's character in The Accused was right when speaking to Kelly McGillis's (Character) saying: "If this is your best, and your best sucks, then I wonder about everything else!"
Oh, this is the season to commemorate the dead, after Pierre Gemayel, we had a bit of Rene Mouawad (Elected president, blow up on indepence day 20 years ago), now comes the turn of Gibran Tueni. The tagline "for all eternity" was taken from his oath - another part of which his daughter used for the elections.
'Tis the season to be jolly?.... Na, Na, Na!!!!
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