Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sights and sounds from around the city (With a little help from youtube)

It is always impressive for me when an ad company manages to top an earlier excellent campaign as is the case with Lowe Pimo for lifescan. After several excellent installments, now they manage to adapt their line "so for the diabetics not to "play" with you" (i.e. remain fixed) with a combination of playing cards and tarte au limon....
Then Picon - the ubiquitous spread cheese - makes a comeback in the world of advertising courtesy of Saatchi and Saatchi. Whereas the line is boring, the visual hits the spot. But it is the TV spot that makes the most impact by rewinding back to the mid-80s with the very famous jingle by Picon (Now part of the collective memory of the Lebanese) being played by fragments by different people (As a whistle, or as a lullaby, etc...). The problem is that advertisers have such a short memory (And an big ego) so much that a Saatchi creative told me that whatever they did was "different" for Picon whereas it was the only way to get it back on the advertising bandwagon!
And then Spinney's, capitalizing on the formation of the new government headlines with "Congratulations, they offers have been formed" which also means "the offers are now many and varied"... Another example of how advertyising is so impregnated with the whole political scene in Lebanon.
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