Monday, October 12, 2009

Sights and no sounds from around the city.

Another year has passed, and my admiration for the early breast detection campaign has not wavered a bit, so although reviewed elsewhere on this blog, I just want to include the "An al awan" campaign once more.
And how about this? An arabization of the H&M logo!.... Although not required by law in Lebanon as is the case in some other Arab countries, H&M did display their arabized version of the logo at the bottom of one of the windows.
Other than that, now we have good reasons to soil our clothes because Persil is offering 1,000 LBP to the Tamana association, the headline even includes a reference to an Arabic expression which translates into "and let their dreams thrive a 1,000 times."
And the teaser? Written in the same way the Future Party did its ads (Almost same typo as well and definately same blue) the teaser implies the Hague tribunal for Rafic Hariri... But it turned out to be for a program on Future Television (Belonging to Hariri anyway!) which is a soap opera set to be broadcasted on Tuesday and wednesday... At least they got our attention!
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